Pastor Mario's COVID-19 Update 6

The Worship Experience October Relaunch - CANCELLED


What You Need to Know - “Keeping It Simple”

Many of our brothers and sisters in The Bahamas, including the members and attendees of Bahamas Harvest Church, are confronted with serious social and economic burdens and challenges, including the loss of jobs and reduced salaries, brought on by the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PANDEMIC.

Thankfully, the Bahamas Government has implemented various stimulus measures, and other entities have implemented packages and programmes, seeking to alleviate some of the associated hardships.

This is indeed commendable; however, the volume of information available to those needing and seeking assistance can be overwhelming, which invariably leads to confusion, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty and fear. This website was birthed out of the desire of our members and attendees not only to be kept informed, but most importantly, for that information to be distilled, and communicated in a manner that is easy for them to understand.

Below is a list of the entities presently offering packages and programmes, or entities which may provide some assistance in the circumstances. With a view to “Keeping it Simple”, the information is provided in an easy to read format. Simply click on the link below to obtain the information required:
We are also pleased to inform you that those persons, who understandably have had a difficult time coping emotionally with the various challenges brought on by COVID-19, may seek support and encouragement by calling any of the following hotlines, which are manned by persons from the
Bahamas Psychological Association:
(242) 819-7652, (242) 816-3799 or (242) 812-0576.

In addition, you may send your non-health-related suggestions, ideas or questions about Covid-19 to Simply visit the site, click on the Suggestions tab on the Homepage, fill in the form and submit.

As this situation continues to rapidly evolve, our Church is dedicated to providing updated and new information as it becomes available. It is our prayer that the information provided will be a benefit and a blessing to our members and attendees, as Bahamas Harvest Church continues to strive to keep them informed on developments in our beloved Bahamaland that are of critical importance to them.