Church's Management Team

Pastor Mario

Lead Pastor

Born in the month of August, Pastor Mario loves summer vacations, loves cruises and loves to have a good time.

Pastor Erika

Chief Operations Officer / Family Life System Director

Very gifted and talented and passionate about children's ministry, Pastor Erika loves her grandchildren and gives 100 to The Harvest.

Elder Ursula

Chief Financial Officer

Elder Ursula is a hard worker who loves to burn the midnight oil. She has a heart of gold and a heart for people.

Erica Williams

Pastor's Executive Assistant

Erica Williams; full of life, tender-hearted and a great listener. A woman who has the “joy” of the Lord written all over her.

Jody Knowles

Worship System Director

Jody Knowles, intelligent, creative & bubbly, she has a heart of compassion and a faith in God that gives her the strength she needs to do His work.

Verenique Cunningham

Stewardship System Director

Verenique Cunningham, smart, fun, kindhearted and loves to make people laugh. She is just simply “unique “ in so many ways.

Natasha Cunningham

Evangelism, Leadership & Serving Opportunity Director

Natasha Cunningham, loyal, honest and trustworthy. One of her favorite phrases is “seek clarity" as this is vital in making wise decisions.