Frequently Asked Questions


How was Bahamas Harvest Church (The Harvest) started?
In 1992, Pastor Mario felt the call to attend World Harvest Bible College, Columbus, Ohio. During his time at the college, he acknowledged the call of God upon his life to become a pastor. On Sunday, July 16th, 1995, Pastor Rod Parsley, a spiritual father, publicly released and commissioned Pastors Mario & Erika to fulfill the vision God gave them for the Bahamas. He commissioned them with these prophetic words, which are now engrafted in their lives and destiny:
· Integrity will be the Key
· Unction will be the Demonstration
· Glory will be the Reward
· Harvest will be the Increase
When was the first church service?
The Harvest was launched on November 19, 1995 with a guaranteed Laborship of Pastor Mario, his wife Erika and their two children, Alec and Rachelle.
Where did the church hold its first service?
Services for The Harvest  were first held in a rented storefront at the Sea Grapes Shopping Plaza. On April 4th, 2000, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the construction of the new church family facility located on Blueberry Hill Road, Prince Charles. In February 2002, we completed our 9,600 square feet family worship facility and in 2007, the same facility was expanded to 15,000 square feet.


What is the vision of The Harvest?
The vision of The Harvest is found in Matthew 9:37-38: "The HARVEST truly is plenteous, but the LABORERS are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the HARVEST, that He will send forth LABORERS into His HARVEST."
The two foundational pillars of our Vision are PRAYER and LABOR. A Laborer's responsibility is to be employed in the service of the Lord. The people who desire to be part of our Harvest Family invest their time, talent and treasure in the fulfillment of the church's vision. Our vision is to develop laborers who can carry out the vision "To Reap the End-Time Harvest in The Bahamas and Beyond."
What is the "win" of The Harvest?
The win of The Harvest is to create environments where the pre-churched can cultivate a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
What are the core values?
There are seven core values at The Harvest, they are:
Relational - everyone matters, we value each relationship
Humility – a servant’s heart, we exist to serve others
Commitment – do what ever it takes, we take it personal
Strategic – always have a plan, be intentional in what we do
Collaboration - don’t do it alone, we accomplish more through teamwork
Balance - manage you, we strive for stability in our spiritual, personal and professional lives
Innovate - stay current, we thrive to live on the cutting edge
What do we believe about the Bible?
The following are the core beliefs of Bahamas Harvest Church based on the foundational truths taught in the bible. All of our teaching and ministry is rooted in and flows out of these biblical doctrines. READ MORE...


What is the leadership structure of The Harvest?
Our Lead Pastor is Mario Moxey who is responsible for teaching, communicating the vision and the strategic planning and execution of our ministry. The Lead Pastor is responsible for staff, church leadership, pastoral care and the day to day operations of the church.

The Harvest has a simple organization structure that frees our congregation to do ministry. Our Elder Board oversees the integrity of our ministry to ensure that we remain in alignment to our Statement of Faith and our Vision by holding our Lead Pastor accountable in organizational competency, doctrine and conduct. The Lead Pastor reports to the Elder Board who also oversee and approve the church's annual budget. The Elder Board has authority to terminate and hire the Lead Pastor.
Who makes up the leadership team of The Harvest?
The Harvest is very fortunate to be comprised of a very passionate group of leaders who are dedicated to do whatever it takes to accomplish the Vision of The Harvest within the boundaries of our Core Values.

What's Next For The Harvest

What are the long-term plans for The Harvest?
The Harvest is vested in life change and as such, our long term plans include expanding our influence to reach even more people for Jesus Christ. We plan to establish Empowerment Centers in the over-the-hill areas where the community will be engaged in personal, educational, vocational, social and spiritual development classes as well as provide food and clothes distribution.
What is the status of the new church facility?
Our proposed 100,000 square feet church facility located on Bethel Avenue has been a work in progress for several years now and it is the passion of our leadership to commence construction in the first quarter of 2021. The facility will combine both our East and West Campuses into one church family. Your earnest prayer support and covering would be greatly appreciated.