We are excited to be part of the Compassion International Family!

Every November we host Compassion Sunday. A divine two day opportunity for our congregation, church members, friends and family to select a child from around the world to release from poverty in Jesus' name. During this time, hear from many of our existing compassion parents who give a small monthly financial contribution to feed, educate, spiritually develop and nurture a child they have never met before but more importantly we pause to showcase the “WHY". We share the other side of the compassion, the many children who live on as little as $1.00 per day, in homes made of clay, who are unable to afford an education nor regular meals. You will come to terms with the many benefits of becoming a Compassion Parent, and how we change the life of every child we lift out of poverty. Hear from Pastor Mario as he shares bits and pieces of his very own experiences, visits to these distant countries and the constant, prayer, giving and writing components engrained in the decision to be a compassion parent.

We salute our Compassion Parent of the Quarter!

Tika Penn

As a Compassion Parent, you are called to write to your child monthly, to make a small monthly contribution
 and to commit your child to prayer daily. It feels great to be a Compassion Parent, to know that for a small investment you can totally change the trajectory of a child’s life. Besides our individual opportunities here at the harvest to adopt. We also adopt as a family. On January 2020 Bahamas Harvest Church adopted a Compassion Village of 10 children from around the world.  An offering is received each month to help provide food, water, medical care and education for these children.
To contribute to our Compassion village select the GIVE button below and include missions in the comment section.
We have an entire team that holds your hand and supports you as you are onboarded into the Compassion Family.
A team that follows up with you in making sure you are writing to your child, praying for your child and you are making your pledged monetary contribution to their lives monthly among other supporting components.
We make it easy to join the family and to maintain your commitment.


Jonathan Page

Jonathan is with Mission Zone and they travel hot spots around the world ministering in times of disasters and calamities bringing hope and salvation to those in despair.


Our Guardian Angels Program was launched to provide Guardians with financial assistance as they raise children who have lost their mom or dad.
Currently we have 15 orphans in our program under the age of 18 in high schools around New Providence. It is our goal to ensure the children are provided with the necessary counselling and mentorship as they go through the program.Thank you to our Hope For All Seasons Partners who partnered with us in ensuring the families have food, water and other basic needs each month.
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