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You don’t make me happy, you don’t take care of me, I don’t feel secure, I feel out of love... it's just a few of the many reasons persons leave relationships and get entangled physically, mentally or emotionally to others.

God always wanted us to have healthy relationships from the beginning of time. When God created man, he saw he was alone and created woman. Even in this relationship between Adam and Eve a third party, the serpent, had intervened making Eve question her life.

Take a journey of introspection, assessments, and guidelines that will help you get out of this. How does it happen? How does it impact your life? How do you break free? How to stay free?

We’ll break down the red flags; show the real issues of sin and how it impacts your life and your family. Join us every Sunday in October as we unpack this very explosive topic that will be thought provoking and informative.