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How many children have been sponsored through Compassion International?

There have been 1.9 million children that have been delivered from poverty through Compassion International.

How many churches partner with Compassion International?

Compassion International partners with 8000+ churches world wide to deliver children from poverty.

Compassion International operates in how many countries across the globe?

Compassion International operates in 27 countries worldwide.

Will I ever have an opportunity to meet my Compassion Child?

Certainly! All sponsor parents have an opportunity to meet their compassion child should they desire to do so. Simply make your interest known allowing at least an 8-week window before you intend to travel to ensure that arrangements are made.

As a Compassion Parent what is required of me?

You are asked to pray for your parent regularly
You are called to give $38.00 per month for your child
You are called to write encouraging letters of love and hope monthly.

How do I select my child?

Parents select their children in so may different ways. Some by birth date, others by country, some based on gender. pray and select s you feel led.

How long has Compassion International been serving?

Compassion International has been serving for over 70+ years.

How often do the kids write back?

Due to Covid19, compassion children have been writing a minimum of twice per year.

Can I make digital payments?

Yes you may. Automatic electronic credit or debit card payments are preferred.

How much of the money I spend goes towards my sponsor child.

More than 80% of every payment goes directly to the child.

What are the acceptable methods of payment?

Debit Card, Credit Card or A Bank Account Draft

How long am I required to contribute financially?

As long as you possibly can or until the child turns 18 years old.

Am I allowed to send toys to my child?

Parents are unable to send toys to their child because of customs and associated costs. Monetary gifts or selections from The Compassion gift catalog are best.

Am I allowed to select a child of a particular gender?

Certainly! You can select as you are led to.

May I sponsor more than one child?

Yes you may, keeping in mind that the requirements of each child are still required of you.

Can I make my financial contributions annually instead of monthly?

Yes annual payments is an option.

What is Compassion International's approach to ministry?

Compassion has a "Three-cord" Approach to Ministry which states that they are Christ-centered, church-based, and child-focused.

How long has Compassion been serving?

For over 65 years Compassion has been serving children in Jesus' name.

When did the first sponsorship program begin at Compassion International?

It all began back in 1952 when Rev. Everett Swanson flew to South Korea to minister to American troops fighting in the Korean War.

If for some reason I am unable to pay, what happens to my child?

The child will remain in the program but will go back into the child pool for another sponsor to select him or her.

How is Compassion International leading the world?

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.

Am I able to simply sponsor for a shorter period?

Yes you may.