Friday July 29th, 2022  |   7:00pm   | Bahamas Harvest Church West Campus

About The Cultural Show

The Edmund Moxey Cultural Show and Lignum Awards came as a result of Bahamas Harvest Church July "All things Bahamian"Month some 15 years ago whereby in a particular year Pastor Mario wanted to introduce Peanuts Taylor to the congregation. As it turns out, there were many in the congregation who had not even heard about "Peanuts Taylor" before.

Being the inspirational person that he is, Pastor Mario found a clip of Peanuts Taylor on CBS, and did bit of research in preparation to welcome the legend to church that Sunday.  During the service, Pastor Mario introduced Taylor and played the clip for the congregation, he further spoke in great detail about his history and how Paul Meet influenced him and more about his contributions to The Bahamas.

As this was all going on, Pastor Mario explains how he simply scanned the room and looked over at Peanuts in the front row as his eyes began to well with tears and how the legend became overwhelmed with emotion.He is moved by the fact that his story was known, and by the fact that even though he was up in age he was still remembered.

It immediately occurred to Pastor Mario that there are a lot of individuals that believe they have forgotten. The Cultural Show is designed to remind them that not only are they not forgotten but they are worthy of celebration.
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Venue: Bahamas Harvest Church West Campus
Date: Friday July 29th, 2022 | 7:00pm

What you can expect?

Those interested in attending this star studded event can expect to see, hear and feel our Bahamian Culture in all its potency. Expect to walk away informed and filled with inspiration. We have a full suite of noted performers that will grace the stage. Names like:

Tonique Brown (national anthem)
Alia Coley
Dyson Knight
CJ Priest
Wendy Knight
Colors junkanoo group
CHarvest Generation Dancers
and many more!

 It's an authentic Bahamian experience worth every second!
Edmund Moxey Cultural Show and Lignum awards is emersed in cultural deposits from ceiling to floor.
His lineage and memories from boy to cultural icon come alive within our Edmund Moxey Cultural Museum as well as throughout the awards timeline. This is certainly an event that will educate the youth of today! Bring the entire family!

2022 Lignum Award Honorees

The 2022 Edmund Moxey Cultural Award
 is extended to:

The Late Timothy Stewart

Cultural Ambassador
Joann Deveaux Callendar

Sir Arthur Fowlkes

Dr. Corrine Sinquee-Brown

Mychal Thompson

Dr. Linda Davis

Arts & Entertainment
Philip Burrows

Law & Order
Commissioner Reginald Ferguson

John Bull Group of Companies

Bahamas National Trust

Civic Organization
Great Commission Ministries

A special thank you to this years sponsors!

Thank you all for making this night possible!
We wish to also salute a donor who prefers to remain anonymous.

Thank you all for your immeasurable contributions to this event but more importantly for embracing the vision of The Edmund Moxey Cultural Show and all that it stands for.

The Lignum College

Cleophas Adderley
Claudette “Cookie” Allens
Rev. Dr. Hervis Bain Sr.
Patricia Bazard
Dr. Keva Bethel
Carl Bethel QC
Naomi Blatch
Dame Janet Bostwick
Juanita Butler
Commissioner Stephen Dean
Kayla Lockhart Edwards

Franklyn “Count Bernadino” Ellis
Fred Ferguson
Bishop Drexel Gomez
Dr. Leon Higgs
Sir Geoffrey Johnstone
Osbourne ‘Ozzie’ King
Jannah Khalfani
Percival Andrew “Andy” Knowles
Eris Moncur
Mortimer's Candy Kitchen
Freddie Munnings Sr.
Rev. Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr. Locksley Munroe
Edmund Spencer Moxey
Cynthia “Mother” Pratt
Rev. Dr. Philip Rahming
Pat Rahming
Pastor Dr. Hugh A. Roach
Dr. Robin Roberts
Susan Roberts
Dr. Gail Saunders
“Duke” Errol Strachan
Berkley Peanuts Taylor
Audrey Dean Wright